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Being aware of Heat Stroke in your dog

By August 4, 2020 No Comments

With our weather warming up, make sure your four-legged family members stay cool! Heat stroke is a serious life-threatening condition, and can happen even in a short period of time outside or in a hot area. This is especially true for dogs who are overweight or brachycephalic (flat-faced breeds, like bulldogs and pugs), who can overheat more quickly. 

If you suspect heat stroke in your dog or cat, start cooling them down right away and bring them in ASAP. The best steps to take for cooling on your way in are: 

1. Offer cool water, if they will drink.

2. Wet your pet with cool or room-temperature water.

3. Put them in front of a fan or air conditioner.

The steps you take at home and on your way in can make a major difference for the recovery of your pet! If you have any questions, please call us at (209) 223-3504.

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